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Sunday, June 03, 2007
I moved to here.

do update ur links.

love lots!

I <3 ya'll.

Posted at 10:34 pm by hypercoolmike

Monday, May 14, 2007
I just voted!
Yay for me. Was quite excited to finally vote and ruin my nails with indelible ink today. My family went to the precinct really early (fucking 7 am). Of course, we wouldn稚 want to catch all the chaos of the day to come. So we were done just after 5 minutes. I知 so proud of myself after and I知 kinda feeling my being a true citizen of the land of the brown, the third world.

So we池e going to Davao tomorrow. Will be there for 5 days of shopping, eating good food and lounging at the hotel while watching American Idol. I think Blake should win. But I知 not quite excited about the traveling part though. We値l only be riding by bus. That would be 5 hours of stagnation. And the buses here in the south are not fab. I知 just hoping I will not vomit on the trip.

What do ya値l think of me getting a tattoo? I知 watching Miami Ink right now and I知 so addicted to it. That show is prolly the best that came off the reality bandwagon since Project Runway. And I知 also thinking of getting rid of my anime hair. I致e been told it was so 2 years ago. Maybe I値l try the Marc Jacobs cut.

Another thing I need is a new wardrobe. I知 planning to throw away most of my old clothes back in the university and replace them with some fetching new ones. Kinda hoping that there値l be some big sale in Davao since May is sale season.

Just hope mum will give me lots of moolah to spend.

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Riot on an Empty Street
By Kings of Convenience

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Moi didn't exactly hold up to the promise of reinventing the look of this fucking blog. Was bitten by the procrastination bug. It started raining so I've been lazy. Anywhoo, today is my birthday. I'm kinda happy that I get to spend it with my family. Pretty psyched when mum bought me a new laptop. The old one she got me a month ago will be hers now. My new baby is definitely more bad ass with bigger memory. Loving it! And my sister just gave me CDs of The Bloomfields (great new band from the third world) and Chicosci (Migs 4 ever!). What more could I ask? Well, there's still the Creative Vision W, Xline skinny jeans from Lee and that bronze colored Havaianas. All these I hope to get for myself next week when we go to Davao. I'm quite excited for that little trip. Mum already booked the hotel and she mentioned there'll be Wi-Fi. Sweet!

God, I'm fucking old! I'm turning 19. Can you believe it? Urgh.

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Chicosci - Philippine Music CD

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007
man at work

This blog is currently under construction. I can't seem to make up my mind on what direction this lowly blog will be going. But I'm quite happy with this new green background (that I copied somewhere) and the naked dude in the header. Anyway, I haven't been posting much since there's nothing worthy to write about my loser life.

My birthday is near! Remember kids! It's on May 11 and I am expecting gifts. Hehe. To give you a hint on what I want for my Bday:

Yes, ladies and fags that thing there is what I need. Not want. Need. (Creative Zen Vision W)

You might be wondering why is there a butt exposed dude on the header? My sister dislikes it but whatevs. It is actually a representation my love for technology and everything electric (gadgets,toys, music and sex). See how the dude is, like, fucking the TV? There's your representation. No further explanation needed.

Have a fab week ya'll!

Posted at 04:19 pm by hypercoolmike

Friday, April 27, 2007
Step into Marbel

So I'm home like every fucking day. Not  that I'm complaining. It's just that I hardly have a social life here. Definitely missing my lil apartment in suburbia hell that is UPLB. But there are some cool places here too. When I was a kid I totally hated Marbel (my birth place). I couldn't fucking wait to get out of this forsaken place. But now I kinda appreciate it a bit more. This post is dedicated to my hometown and its pleasures.


Okay. I am in love with this little coffee shop. I go there with my sister almost every afternoon to get out of the heat. They have Wi-Fi and the cakes they serve are decent enough. We would stay there for hours taking advantage of the free internet connection. And the best thing about it is that their coffees are surprisingly cheap! Very unlike the pretentious overly priced Starbucks.

Marbel Cable

This is one of the best things here in Marbel. It's a pirated cable provider. They charge very little but they offer good TV. Most channels in their roster are stolen from other cable companies. I'm kind of surprised that they are still around. I thanked the gods for channel 68. Fucking brilliant.


This cafeteria serves the best seafoods ever. My visit here will not be complete without their famous sauted crabs and squid. Yum! Ya'll should really try it. It is fucking heaven, I tell you.

Well, those are the only things I could think about. Marbel is also near to Lake Sebu (we go there usually for lunch) and Glan (great white beaches) which are two of my fave places in South Cotabato.

Makeover! Was so tired with the old design of this blog so I decided to make a new one. It's green. I know! So masculine right?

Posted at 02:21 pm by hypercoolmike

Friday, April 20, 2007
Where was I?

This is a  time for mourning. Sanjaya got the boot at AI! No! We all know he's not "that" good but I grew to like him and I just started watching the show. So sad. But whatevs.

Anywhoo, right now I'm in the land down south of brown country (aka Mindanao). Nice to be back home for the summer and not worry about school. But I'm not exactly jumping for joy since the temperature here is extreme. The heat is fucking killing me. I can't even apply my whole range of moisturizers properly coz I've been sweating buckets the whole fucking day. Oh well.

Writing this entry is so fun. This is because I'm using my new laptop right now. The rents bought me one. Finally. I was kinda hinting them for the last week how fab it'll be if their favorite son has a laptop. Kat also got a new one. Mum is planning to buy another one for herself.

So what's up with moi here? I'm being a professional bum and also a maid! Hehe. I do house chores. My life here is far from fab but staying home definitely has some perks. I can get anything I want at the grocery for one thing. But most of the time I'm in front of the TV. You know, unleashing the inner couch potato in me. Quite loving the fact that I can watch Tyra everyday. Haha! Love that girl.

Last weekend my family went to the beach. Had such a great time. Went to Gumasa in Sarangani. Was awed by the beauty of the beaches there. The water is tranquil and th sand is powder white. The only thing missing there were beautiful people. Not a single denizen there was ogle worthy except for myself. Hehe.

So basically, this summer will be bright. Britney is finally straightening up and my bday is just around the corner. Till next time. Tata for now!

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Life in Cartoon Motion
By Mika

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Ear Candy

Hmmm It's been a while since I wrote something of the pop culture variety. When it comes to pop I am such a whore! I consume everything from Britney's madness (I still love her) to Lindsay's hideous new hair color. Anyway, what has been preoccupying my thoughts is the History Boys. I can't seem to get over that movie. They should make sequels and make it to a big franchise or whatever.

The other day I was at Makati. Had a meeting with the big boss (I'm still not done writing that damn book). Fast forward I went shopping! Got new stuffs from my fave artists and some DVDs.

Brand new shit

Mika is the new genius in pop music. This sexually ambiguous "boy" is creating a much-deserved hype in UK and Europe as a whole. I have to say that Life in a Cartoon Motion is one of the best albums I've listened to this year. Very original. Very flamboyant. Very camp. Fucking brilliant!

The album's all killer and no fillers. I recommend that you all should go buy Mika for he is the ultimate shit in pop.

Mp3: Mika - Grace Kelly
Mp3: Mika Billy Brown

Classic shit

Kylie is god. I already have this but I just have to have the Showgirl edition. This features most of god's ultimate hits. This is great for walking or jogging or while putting your make up on.

Mp3: Kylie Please Stay

Europop shit

Popjustice was all over this girl duo last year. I've Limewired some of their stuff and they're quite good. Well, not Lo-Fi-Fnk good but good enough to justify their covering the The Pet Shop Boys. Most cover bands tend to be rubbish (think A-Teen's first album) but the girls made the material sound modern and party ready.

This is pure Europop. I would recommend this to anyone. Oh and forget about taTu.

Mp3: West End Girls Domino Dancing

Pseudo-rock shit

The boys are back with a vengeance. They took on a new sound and style but it all turned out fine. Comparing it to their critically acclaimed debut, the new stuff is very different. Still, all the songs are party friendly and worthy to play in high volume to both annoy and amuse your neighbors. No sophomore slump here.

Mp3: The Killers This River is Wild

Here are some of the DVD's I got. I only watched the History Boys though. Been quite busy. Hmmm there's always tonight. Hehe.



The History Boys (watch it!), Pan's Labyrinth, Stolen and 7 Virgins.

Currently reading:
So Yesterday
By Scott Westerfeld

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Sunday, March 18, 2007
The History Boys

Oh God, this movie is undeniably on the top my best list. I've never enjoyed a Brit film as much as this. At first, I thought it was a musical but it turned out to be a dramedy that tackled education, sex, homosexuality, death and of course history. Everything about it was perfectly executed from the 80's rock music to the excellent cast to Rufus Wainwright's rendition of Bewitched and to the very sharp and witty script. It was just fuckin' A. Watch it!

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Monday, March 12, 2007
Looooooooong Weekend

I don't even know where to begin. Ok, I'll do this chronologically. Last week, Bons said that her Malaysian friend would visit brown country. She asked me if I could tag along while she tours her friend. There was a mention of a beach and white sand. Of course, I did not hesitate to say yes.

Moi met Adriene last Thursday at the Vanity Lounge. She got one of those combination massages with Bons. Carl was there too and we just talked and talked till they were done. The next morning lovely Adriene came to one of my classes. Jaren was assigned to do a seminar that time. So we watched him. Jaren was exceptionally different that day. He was all made up and he actually ironed his shirt. Should I dare say this? He actually looked gwapo. hehe Anyway, his seminar was good and Adriene asked a lot of questions.

After class, we met up with Yeng at IRRI (rice research chorva). We let Adriene eat authentic Filipino food (which she loved) at the cafeteria. Then we went to the rice museum.

Now, to the best part Saturday morning, I woke up really early. After fixing myself for the longest time and grabbing something to eat I met with Bons, Adriene, Yeng and Yeng's beau Long. We were going to the beach! It has been a long time since I last felt sands in my feet. Our destination was Laiya which in the outskirt of Batangas.

The beach was heaven. I didn't care that the sun was burning me. I just so love dipping myself in the water. There weren't many people around and we pretty much got the beach to ourselves.

We were only there for a day. By nighttime we ate dinner at Bonito's. We let Adriene taste sinigang (a sour shrimp stew) and sisig (fried pig insides). And we paired them with pasta. Very odd, I know.

By Sunday we went to Calamba to see Jose Rizal's house. The museum was closed so we opted to visit the Church next door instead. It was my first time to go there. Then we went back to elbi and ate lunch at Dalampasigan. The food was really good especially the crispy canton. Then we went to Trace to see the Olympic size pool that was used last SEA Games.

I will miss being with Adriene. I just met her and I felt like we were friends for a long time. Anyway, There'll be a long pictionary to follow. We were such camwhores.

Adriene, Jaren and moi waiting to hitch a ride to IRRI


Oh god. I look oogleh here but the beach looks gorg.

Moi doing the Cidade de Deus chorva

Walking away

Bons being sexy

Moi being sexy

Lookie lookie at the fab beach!

The very beautiful and very pregnant Yeng

Three gorg ladies

Not good without Havaianas.

I love this pic. I took it.

Addy and moi

Stick? Haha

Bons and moi working it!

Reading... pretending... burning

I had a lovely time!

Moi pigging out. I ate, like, almost one whole pineapple.

See the rest here.

Monday, March 05, 2007
Would you come to Bed with me?

I'm now done with my SP1 (thesis proposal). Was so fucking glad that I had my topic approved. Last week was beyond hectic. Moi didn't get the shut eye for three days. And that resulted to a very big, very unwanted zit on my nose. Whatever. It's gone now.

So after the proposal presentation, my gorg girlfriend Makor invited me to party at Malate. Since we all know that place is considered as the brown world's pink mecca, I immediately said "Fuck yeah!" Even if I was deadbeat, I took as much caffeine and sugar as I can before heading to the bus. We met with some of her friends there and lounged at Starbuck's to wait for the clock to hit midnight. The rule is: be fashionably late.

We were at Bed. The place was amazing. I loved every bit of it from the padded walls to the leather seats to the semi naked gogo boys. It was fabulous. We drank and then danced till there was no tomorrow. Ya'll wouldn't recognize me if you saw me that Friday night. Moi wasn't exactly fab for moi morphed into a boy whore. I let people touch me all over. I was a bit tipsy (not drunk) and my body was numb from the Ibuprofen. I never stopped dancing. And they never stopped kissing me.

That was the most fun I had since, like, forever.

I stole some photos from Doc Tony. There we were...

I'm on my back, so is JV and Makor is grinning wildly coz she's drunkedy drunk drunk. hehe. Here we were again...

On our fucking backs! Moral lesson: always look where the camera flickers! See the rest of the photos here.

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This Way
By Jewel

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